Patterns for baby

Cute little patterns, for the most loved....the little ones in our society.  After many years in fast fashion... I love to design slow fashion.  

 Working together collabortion

 I love to work on an assignment for magazines. Make patterns or designs for different clients. I love to design for baby, women, men, children, or for your home... i love it all!! Esspecially the variaty of projects.

Where can you buy my patterns

On Ravelry, on etsy and ofcourse you can send me an email and I will send you information and the patterns.

Hello, I am Irene 

I am the designer behind Handmadepast! I life in an old monument datring from 1760. I life 7 km from the sea in The Netherlands. In the little cottage I have a lovely tiny studio, whit a real "bedstee" . I love  knitting  and it is an absolute passion of mine. I started at an early age. But also have a passion for quilting, embroidery and crochet.

The inspiration for my designs are mostly from our beautiful travels though the world or just from nature around the corner, every simple thing you see can be an inspiration. I have been an agent for baby en childrenclothing for a long time, so  this is one of my sources for inspiration too. I love playful, colour, and happy but also sweet, pleasant, cozy and vintage.

I hope to inspire you with my designs and brighten up your day! to inspire ypu to be creative and hope  you will have just as much fun as I with every ball of yarn!!